Provision hours for 1:1 support

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Provision hours for 1:1 support

Parent question:

Please could you advise how many hours 1:1 support you would expect a child with a statement, 22.5 hours to get. My son currently gets 15 hours 1:1 with an LSA, the rest I am told is for resources and small group work.

This seems a little unreasonable to me.

ipsea answers


IPEA Answers:

The devil is in the detail!

You need to read very carefully what the wording providing for 22.5 hours actually says. Too often a statement – and I suspect in the future an EHC plan - will have wording something like this: “22.5 hours of individual, small group and whole class support”. This is not the same as “22.5 hours of individual 1:1 support from his own Learning Support Assistant”.

I suspect that when you check it, your wording says something like the first. If you feel your child needs more individual support than they are receiving then talk to the school, look at the evidence you have as to what progress he is making and call an early review to request the wording is amended.