Children With Chronic Conditions: Ideas about Condition Management

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Children With Chronic Conditions: Ideas about Condition Management

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Journal of Pediatric Nursing

This report assesses the implications of a chronic, long-term medical condition from the perspective of a child. Through evaluating cases of varied conditions of children aged between 8-13, Barbara Beacham and Janet Deatrick seeks how best to manage chronic conditions within the contexts of family and childhood.

A central thread of this report argues the central importance of the child's views on condition management at a school age where they are growing in awareness as to the nature of their condition. Routines are argued as an important way of combining a child's need for consistency and clarity, with a family's need for manageability. Finally the report evaluates how best to involve a child in future planning, and how to inform them about the long-term implications of their condition.

Author: Barbara L. Beacham and Janet A. Deatrick, Article first published online: 10 NOV 2014

Publisher: ScienceDirect. 
Volume 30, Issue 1, Pages 25–35, January–February 2015