How do I apply for a grammar school place?

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How do I apply for a grammar school place?

Parent Asks:

How can I make my case stronger if my child first choice is a grammar school but she did not make the cut-off mark because of a special circumstance? Basically a day before the exam we were travelling to her tutorial assessment centre for mock exams before the real exam when suddenly the car we were travelling in had an engine blow out which resulted in lots of smoking from the engine and had to be recovered off the motorway, needless to say, my child was very frightened and traumatised and the main exam was the 3rd day from this fateful incident. Can this be acceptable as a special circumstance?

IPSEA Answers:

IPSEA provides information, advice and support concerning the legal framework for the identification, assessment and provision of special educational needs and provision. Your question would appear to be outside our remit. Child Law Advice provides information on School admissions which you might find helpful.