SEN Transport is causing anxiety!

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SEN Transport is causing anxiety!

Parent Question:

What happens if a statemented 8yr child refuses to go on transport to school because of negative experiences causing severe anxiety? What are the responsibilities of the LA and setting? Is no education provision since June acceptable?

ipsea answers

IPSEA Answers:

This is a question that requires answers to further questions before you can be advised so please call IPSEA.

But remember that an LA has a duty to provide a full time education for a year 8 child and provide free home to school transport to their nearest suitable school if the child is an an eligible child – there are various different ways to qualify but children with SEN and disabilities who have mobility problems such that they could not reasonably be expected to walk to school on their own will qualify. The school named in your child’s statement or EHC plan if they have one is accepted as the nearest suitable school by your LA unless they have entered into an alternative arrangement with you. Free home to school transport is not just available for those who have statements or EHC plans.

The transport arrangements made have to be stress free and safe. If the negative experiences the child has experienced have been around previous transport arrangements then this needs to be carefully looked at, assessed and a suitable alternative put in place. Whatever the cause of the delay not receiving an education since June is not acceptable. Please seek advice quickly.