SEND reform feedback needed! We’ll give it directly to the Minister.

send reform feedback imageWe have a little trip to the Department for Education this coming week. We'd like to take some direct parental feedback of the reforms.

We'd also like direct feedback from teachers, practitioners, LA staff and health/social care providers as we know you read SNJ too and your views are also important.

  • If your child/YP has been/are being transferred to an EHCP what was the experience like?
  • What's your experience as a professional working with the new system so far?

You don't need to leave your real name and all email addresses will be removed/redacted before we pass comments along. In short, your response will be anonymous if you want it to be. This is your chance to give your honest views directly to the man in charge (via us of course - but we can be trusted) But Be Quick - you have until Tuesday evening, 20th January 2015 for us to take it with us, but later feedback will also be sent on (before and after the election!)

Use the points below as a guide - you don't need to answer each point, they're just ideas to help you frame your thoughts.

  • Were you offered an Independent Supporter or did you have to find out yourself?
  • Is the EHCP a holistic document that has covered all your child's needs and met them with specified provision?
  • Were you offered a new assessment as part of the process?
  • Was it co-produced or were you send a draft document before you even met?
  • Have you noticed a new attitude of cooperation and friendliness from your LA.
  • Does your school know all about the changes and are implementing them well?
  • Have you found/searched your Local Offer site and was it useful?
  • What has communication about the changes been like from your local authority and your school?
  • Has anyone talked to you about the new system?
  • Anything else you'd like to share?
  • TEACHERS/PRACTITIONERS What has your experience been like? Have you had training or been send enough information?
  • LA/NHS/SOCIAL CARE providers What's your experience been like? Have you had training? Are you overwhelmed or are you managing well? Have your interactions with parents improved? Is joint commissioning going well?

Use the form below so we can grab a snapshot of views..and we will pass everything we receive on to the SEN Minister, Ed Timpson on Wednesday so he can have your DIRECT feedback. We will make an anonymised post of views in the next few weeks.

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Tania Tirraoro


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