#SENDReview Answer Consultation Question 15

Answering the questions in the SEND Review is not straightforward. There are complicated issues to consider if you want to do it properly. If you'd rather just have at it and feel confident that you understand all the questions, you can find it here. However, not everyone is comfortable answering government surveys and if this is you, we want to help. As we publish our articles explaining each chapter, we will create answer forms so you can read below some information to help you understand what's being asked and this will make it easier to give a full answer.

A good idea is to:

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So here is Question 15, as stated on the Government website:

  1. To what extent do you agree or disagree that introducing a bespoke AP performance framework, based on five outcomes, will improve the quality of AP? (Chapter 4)

To help you answer this, you can read the relevant part of our post here. However, we have also included tips from the post below.

What does this mean?

This recognises that most children arrive in AP “at a late stage in their education, having already fallen a long way behind their peers” and, instead of maybe national tests or Ofsted, they need new national performance AP framework, set up by "an expert working group" and based on five key outcomes: 

  1. effective outreach support, 
  2. improved attendance, 
  3. reintegration, 
  4. academic attainment, with a focus on English and maths, and
  5. successful post-16 transitions. 

Question 15 Ponder Points:

  • Are these the right outcomes?
  • What should be judged under these headings?
  • If lower performance is expected in AP, how will children reintegrate to mainstream at an age-appropriate level?
  • Or is something completely different exactly what is needed?
  • Who should be on an “expert working group?” Should it include parents? Which parents?
  • Who would develop this performance framework?
  • Does Ofsted have enough powers to inspect academy chains?
  • Are these outcomes child-focused? If not, what should they be? 

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