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We're helping you answer the consultation questions for the SEND Review Green paper. You can use these prompts to answer them on the Government website, or use our question-by-question forms*. Number 20 is below, the rest are accessed from here.

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Questions 20, as stated on the Government website:

Question 20 - What will make the biggest difference to successful implementation of these proposals? What do you see as the barriers to and enablers of success?


How can the DfE make sure these changes will work in a way that the last reforms didn't? What can stop them from working?


This is a catch-all question that covers all of the proposals in the SEND & AP Green Paper. To review these proposals, look at recent Special Needs Jungle articles.

Ponder Points

  • This is a wide-ranging question. If there are specific parts of the SEND system that you want to focus on, then do that – there’s no need to provide a detailed response to every single point.
  • When responding, it’s probably best to keep it simple: 1. The proposal you're addressing, 2. how it can work, 3. what can stop it from working. Otherwise you'll never finish...
  • Assume they know little or nothing about how putting these changes in place affects individual children and young people with SEND, their parents and carers, and the frontline professionals who support them.
    • Eg, disruption,
    • The perils of experimenting with vulnerable children's lives,
    • What happens to families if the changes go wrong or don't work as intended?
    • What happens if those making the changes don't really want to, or don't know how to?
    • What might happen if they don't involve families properly?
    • What might happen if there isn't enough money to put the changes in properly, or if the money put in is spend badly? How can you stop this happening?
    • Tell them how and why previous changes have succeeded or failed.

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