#SENDReview Answer Consultation Question 22

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Question 22 Prompts

There may be a lot of things you want to say that there were no questions about of things missing that you want to see. This is the place. Here are a few ponder points - you don't need to use them, or use them all:

  • Is there anything else you would like to say about the proposals in the green paper that has no consultation question for?
  • What's entirely missing from the Green Paper? Think about:
    • Omission of statutory support from an EHCP for disabled students aged 18-25 years at universities
    • Lack of inclusion of how SEN Support should be beefed up? What are your thoughts here? How should the £45 million plus for “targeted support” for SEND learners be spent? 
    • More about Post 16 academic support? What else should be included?
    • Home learning programmes for all children with SEND- should blended learning be included for some children with SEND
    • Increasing the focus on language and communication skills for children with SEND
    • The achievement and progress of all children and young people with SEND
    • Where is the Equality Impact Assessment?
    • Meeting the UNCRPD goals in Article 24
    • Better powers for LGSCO and Ofsted to hold LAs and schools to account for failings
    • Early help for disadvantaged families
    • Ensuring ethnic and marginalised children and young people with SEND are not discriminated against

Missing questions from Chapter 3

  • What does inclusion mean to you? Will a system of mainstream, specialist, and Alternative Provision achieve it? If not, what are your ideas?
  • What should reasonably be expected in mainstream schools for SEND without an EHCP? What do you think should be included?
  • Will the measures in the Green paper help to achieve the target of 90% of children reaching expected levels in reading, writing and maths by 2030?
  • Do we need new research on SEND classroom-based practice? Is there enough out there? How should it be collated? What happened to the SEND Gateway bank of resources that now just redirects to Whole School SEND?
  • Assistive Tech: How should access and training for assistive technology in schools by improved?
  • Teaching Assistants: What should be included in "clear guidance on the effective use and deployment of teaching assistants to support children and young people with SEND as part of the national standards". 
  • SEND Governance: How should the SEND Code of Practice be updated to strengthen the relationship between the SEND governor and the SENCo? 
  • Specialist workforce: How should the Government “increase the capacity of the specialist workforce”?
  • Ed Psychs: Are 40+ additional educational psychologist trainees a year for the next three years enough? What should happen in three years’ time? How else should we ensure educational psychologists have the capacity to assess children at an early stage?
  • Mental Health and wellbeing: How should schools be equipped to support mental health in children and teenagers?
    • How could training a senior mental health lead for every state-funded school and college help?
    • How are NHS-funded Mental Health Support Teams for schools working, if you have already have one?
    • How should the £2.5 million per year to support autism diagnosis in the NHS Long-Term Plan be spent?
    • What should inter-government departmental work focus on to help them understand the requirements for diagnosis and therapy for disabled children and young people, and how should they plan to meet these requirements?
  • SEND NHS Health Liaison (DCMO/DCOs)
    • What should the role of the Designated Clinical Officers (DCOs) and Designated Medical Officers (DMOs) (that we wrote about here) include?
    • Is a name change to a ‘Designated Health Officer’ the right one?
    • If your area is trialing a Designated Officer in Social Care, how is it working? Do you think this is a good idea in general and why/why not?

(more to come - if you want to answer via SNJ, you can come back multiple times if you have more to say)

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