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So here is Question 3, as stated on the Government website:

  1. What factors would enable local authorities to successfully commission provision for low-incidence high cost need, and further education, across local authority boundaries? (Chapter 2)

To help you answer this, you can read Catriona Moore's post on Question 3 here. We have also included tips from her post below.

What does this mean?

The needs of every disabled child and young person can’t always be met by SEND provision in their immediate local area – and for some young people this is particularly relevant as they get older. Low incidence means significant disabilities that only affect a small number of children, but may cost a lot of money for provision. Many require very specialised care and some areas may not have the right support within local authority provision or its boundaries.


  • Your experiences of the type of needs that rely on local authorities working together collaboratively to commission the type of specialist provision that can’t be set up and run everywhere. 
    • How can LAs avoid the need for utilising very expensive specialist provision elsewhere in the country?
    • For example, how can LAs use regional commissioning for specialist college places for young people with the most complex needs.
    • How can LAs provide inclusive education for children and young people with very complex needs close to home?

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