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So here is Question 4, as stated on the Government website:

  1. What components of the EHCP should we consider reviewing or amending as we move to a standardised and digitised version? (Chapter 2)

To help you answer this, you can read Catriona Moore's post on Question 4 here. We have also included tips from her post below.

What does this mean?

The DfE have listened to everyone from parents to the SEND Tribunal in calling for a standard Education, Health and Care Plan that is truly portable between areas. Digitising will also mean the end of massive environmentally-unfriendly bundles of paperwork. It will also make life easier for children's hospitals and specialist schools and colleges who may deal with dozens of LAs, each with their own EHC plan format.


  • The Green Paper says a national template “will place greater focus on the support that is being put in place”. Do you agree?
  • Would a standard, digital plan help or hinder:
    • the description of your child as a person,
    • their full range of needs,
    • the provision and support they require,
    • the outcomes an EHCP is supposed to help them achieve.
  • Which sections of the current EHC Plan are essential?
  • Are there any sections in your child’s plan that you think don’t make sense?
  • Do you have views on the most logical sequence of sections? (For example, should ‘outcomes’ follow ‘provision’, rather than the other way round as at present.)
  • How might a fully-digitised process for producing and reviewing an EHC plan work?
    • Do you welcome this or have concerns about it?
    • Would it help you comment on a draft?
    • Would it help it to become a "living document"
  • What other aspects of a digitised plan would make it more user-friendly, especially for young people?
    • For instance, some LAs have used a "wiki" type of "all about the individual" plan that includes videos of the child to great effect. How would this help?
    • How would a digitised plan enable a regular updating of a one-page profile?
    • Would a digitised plan enable a more positive and up-to-date plan where parents and practitioners can make notes for changes to be considered at the next review, or notes on how a specific element of support is working. How would this make for a better annual review process?
    • What problems might be encountered by a standard plan, given local and regional variations? How could these be alleviated?

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