#SENDReview: Everything you need to know about the SEND and AP Green Paper

This page collates all our information about the SEND Review and help to answer it

Special Needs Jungle's Consultation Response.

SNJ submitted a lengthy response, based around the consultation questions. Click the icon to read them by chapter below (PDFs) Each response is followed by the submissions sent to via by readers. We have redacted their names for their privacy.

Question 1

National Standards

Question 2

SEND partnerships & local inclusion plans

Question 3

Cross-boundary low-incidence high-cost need provision

Question 4

A standardised and digitised EHCP

Question 5

Coproducing a tailored list of placements in an EHCP

Question 6

Strengthen redress, incl national standards & mandatory mediation

Question 7

SEND Tribunal remedies for disability discrimiation

Question 8

Strengthening early years practice for two-year-old progress check

Question 9

Mandatory SENCo NPQ to replace the NASENCo Award

Question 10

Heads "satisfied" new hires are obtaining SENCO qualifications

Question 11

Specialist & mainstream MATs coexisting in a fully trust-led future

Question 12

Supporting apprenticeships

Question 13

Will alternative provision plans improve outcomes

Question 14

AP funding for financial stability

Question 15

Bespoke alternative provision performance framework, based on five outcomes

Question 16

Statutory framework for pupil movements

Question 17

Key metrics we to measure local and national performance

Question 18

National framework for funding bands

Question 19

National SEND Delivery Board & implementation

Question 20

What will make a successful implementation?

Question 21

Support needed for a successfully transition to a new national system

Question 22

Is there anything else you would like to say? (Oh yes there is)

Responses from other organisations

We have collated some responses from other organisations below. We will be adding to this list as we are sent links If you would like your organisation's response included, please send us the link- please do not send the document itself as we won't be able to add it.

Consultation Questions ponder points

We created ponder points to help you understand the consultation and, although it has now closed, you may want to catch up to on what was in it and the implicatins of the questions. See below for an explanation.

SEND Review Consultation Questions

⬇️ Click the link for the question number to go to the relevant ponder points and answer page ⬇️

  1. Answer Question 1: What key factors should be considered when developing national standards to ensure they deliver improved outcomes and experiences for children and young people with SEND and their families? This includes how the standards apply across education, health and care in a 0-25 system. (Chapter 2)
  2. Answer Question 2: How should we develop the proposal for new local SEND partnerships to oversee the effective development of local inclusion plans whilst avoiding placing unnecessary burdens or duplicating current partnerships? (Chapter 2)
  3. Answer Question 3: What factors would enable local authorities to successfully commission provision for low-incidence high cost need, and further education, across local authority boundaries? (Chapter 2)
  4. Answer Question 4: What components of the EHCP should we consider reviewing or amending as we move to a standardised and digitised version? (Chapter 2)
  5. Answer Question 5: How can parents and local authorities most effectively work together to produce a tailored list of placements that is appropriate for their child, and gives parents confidence in the EHCP process? (Chapter 2)
  6. Answer Question 6: To what extent do you agree or disagree with our overall approach to strengthen redress, including through national standards and mandatory mediation? Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree − If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree, please tell us why, specifying the components you disagree with and alternatives or exceptions, particularly to mandatory mediation. (Chapter 2)
  7. Answer Question 7: Do you consider the current remedies available to the SEND Tribunal for disabled children who have been discriminated against by schools effective in putting children and young people’s education back on track? Please give a reason for your answer with examples, if possible. (Chapter 2)
  8. Answer Question 8 here: What steps should be taken to strengthen early years practice with regard to conducting the two-year-old progress check and integration with the Healthy Child Programme review? (Chapter 3)
  9. Answer Question 9 here To what extent do you agree or disagree that we should introduce a new mandatory SENCo NPQ to replace the NASENCo? Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree − If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree, please tell us why. (Chapter 3)
  10. Answer Consultation Question 10 here: To what extent do you agree or disagree that we should strengthen the mandatory SENCo training requirement by requiring that headteachers must be satisfied that the SENCo is in the process of obtaining the relevant qualification when taking on the role? 
  11. Answer Consultation Question 11: To what extent do you agree or disagree that both specialist and mixed MATs should coexist in the fully trust-led future? This would allow current local authority maintained special schools and alternative provision settings to join either type of MAT.  (Chapter 3)
  12. Answer Consultation Question 12: What more can be done by employers, providers and government to ensure that those young people with SEND can access, participate in and be supported to achieve an apprenticeship, including through access routes like traineeships? (Chapter 3)
  13. Answer Consultation Question 13 To what extent do you agree or disagree that this new vision for alternative provision will result in improved outcomes for children and young people? Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree − If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree, please tell us why (Chapter 4)
  14. Answer Consultation Question 14 What needs to be in place in order to distribute existing funding more effectively to alternative provision schools, to ensure they have the financial stability required to deliver our vision for more early intervention and re-integration? (Chapter 4)
  15. Answer Consultation Question 15 To what extent do you agree or disagree that introducing a bespoke alternative provision performance framework, based on these 5 outcomes, will improve the quality of alternative provision? Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree − If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree, please tell us why (Chapter 4)
  16. Answer Consultation Question 16 To what extent do you agree or disagree that a statutory framework for pupil movements will improve oversight and transparency of placements into and out of alternative provision? Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree − If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree, please tell us why (Chapter 4)
  17. Answer Question 17: What are the key metrics we should capture and use to measure local and national performance? Please explain why you have selected these. (Chapter 5)
  18. Answer Question 18: How can we best develop a national framework for funding bands and tariffs to achieve our objectives and mitigate unintended consequences and risks? (Chapter 5)
  19. Answer Question 19: How can the National SEND Delivery Board work most effectively with local partnerships to ensure the proposals are implemented successfully? (Chapter 6)
  20. Answer Question 20: What will make the biggest difference to successful implementation of these proposals? What do you see as the barriers to and enablers of success? (Chapter 6)
  21. Answer Question 21: What support do local systems and delivery partners need to successfully transition and deliver the new national system? (Chapter 6)
  22. Answer Question 22 Is there anything else you would like to say about the proposals in the green paper? (Chapter 6)

SNJ Posts on the SEND Review

WEBINAR RECORDING: Will the SEND Improvement Plan fix provision for disabled children and young people? Tania Tirraoro March 16, 2023
On March 15 2023, Special Needs Jungle held a webinar exploring the Department for Education's long-awaited SEND Improvement Plan, something it describes as a "Transformation in SEND" Is it though?…
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Will non-statutory National Standards improve SEND or just create confusion and more unlawful behaviour? Catriona Moore March 15, 2023
TONIGHT! LIVE WEBINAR: Will the Government’s “SEND Improvement Plan” fix SEND? Register here! The SEND Improvement Plan published by the Government on 2nd March was described in an excited press…
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How does the the SEND Improvement Plan intend to create more accountability? Matt Keer March 9, 2023
On 2nd March, the Department for Education finally published its plan to improve the SEND and alternative provision system. Over the next few weeks, SNJ will be looking at different…
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The Government’s SEND Improvement Plan: an initial overview Tania Tirraoro March 2, 2023
also with Matt Keer and Catriona Moore “It is time to deliver a more dignified experience for children and young people with SEND and to restore families’ confidence in the…
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New SENCO research questions the SEND Review’s “irresponsible” plans to downgrade the NASENCO award Special Needs Jungle February 27, 2023
with Dr Graeme Dobson, University of Birmingham We are anticipating the publication of the Department for Education very shortly. One of the major proposals was upskilling the SEND workforce, something…
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A response to our letter to Ministers about the SEND Review Special Needs Jungle February 14, 2023
Before Christmas, we wrote to the Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan to outline our concerns about the direction of the SEND Review and its subsequent consultation, especially in light of last…
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Why the DfE’s SEND Adviser,, Tony McArdle, is wrong, wrong, wrong: Matt’s Director’s Cut Matt Keer January 27, 2023
Earlier this week Schools Week ran an article from us responding to their earlier interview about the SEND system with Tony McArdle, a Department for Education SEND adviser. His wasn’t…
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Don’t make it harder to get EHCPs warns Equality and Human Rights Commission as DfE considers “raising the bar” Tania Tirraoro January 26, 2023
As education ministers review the upcoming “SEND Improvement Plan” it’s to be hoped they have found time to read this week’s Children’s Rights in Britain report from the Equality and…
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Join our call for Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, to PAUSE further SEND reform plans and PUBLISH the SEND Review responses now! Special Needs Jungle December 21, 2022
Christmas is upon us, but we have one more act for this year before we finish. We have decided to write a post directed at Gillian Keegan, Secretary of State…
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A failure of Children and Families Act implementation does not mean rip it up and start again m’luds Catriona Moore December 7, 2022
The Children and Families Act 2014 – a wide-ranging piece of legislation that includes the legal framework for supporting children and young people with SEND – has failed a generation…
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Parents call on SEND Minister to invest in deaf children missing vital support in schools Matt Keer December 5, 2022
with Juliet, the mum of a profoundly deaf child I've got two deaf children. They've left the SEND system now, having seen the absolute best and the toxic, gamma-spitting worst…
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School staff need a pay rise, but when LAs don’t pass on government funding, it’s SEND pupils who suffer most Matt Keer November 30, 2022
Everyone’s feeling the cost of living crisis right now – and the world of SEND hasn’t been spared. Most children and young people with SEND are educated in schools. In…
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Ofsted: New area SEND inspection framework can be a “catalyst for change” Special Needs Jungle November 29, 2022
with Kathryn Rudd, Ofsted Senior HMI for SEND As time has gone on Ofsted and CQC’s SEND area inspections have provided an important, though flawed, accountability route for the 2014…
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With no ministerial oversight for months, has the SEND Review lost legitimacy? Here’s what needs to happen now Tania Tirraoro November 2, 2022
Another day, another new SEND Minister – although at the time of writing their identity remains a mystery. It’s become almost routine, this government’s casual lack of regard for the…
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Could the SEND Review’s “big ideas” wither on the vine of political uncertainty? Catriona Moore October 25, 2022
Two Secretaries of State ago, back in the politically distant days of July, the House of Commons Education Select Committee wrote to the then Education Secretary, James Cleverly MP, about…
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Is NHS England breaking a promise to roll out eye care for disabled children in all special schools? Tania Tirraoro October 14, 2022
with Aylee Richmond, National Eye Care Information Officer, SeeAbility A few years ago I woke up with vision loss in one of my eyes. It was frightening, but I was…
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New SEND Minister, Kelly Tolhurst: many responsibilities but none so important as disabled children’s futures Catriona Moore September 28, 2022
We’d begun to get a little paranoid at Special Needs Jungle that maybe no one really wanted children and young people with SEND. Three weeks have passed since a new…
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SNJ’s response to the EHCP Annual Review Timescales consultation Special Needs Jungle September 2, 2022
The Department for Education consultation on EHCP Timescales closed last month. We put in our own response, and we’re publishing it today. It contains not only our answers to the…
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Special Needs Jungle’s #SENDReview Consultation response Tania Tirraoro July 26, 2022
A short post to share with you the SNJ SEND Review Green paper consultation response. It was quite a mammoth effort, weaving all the views we have published here over…
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#SENDReview: National standards plans are an assault on the rights and entitlements of children and young people with SEND Ali Fiddy, CEO, IPSEA July 15, 2022
One of the main, and most worrying, proposals in the SEND Green Paper is the introduction of National Standards. Some in the SEND sector are in favour of National Standards…
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Quince back on board with SEND as the Education Committee sends a shot across the bows Catriona Moore July 13, 2022
It's finally been confirmed that Will Quince MP will continue to have political responsibility for SEND, and the SEND Review, following last week’s ministerial resignation/reshuffle that saw him promoted to…
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Without detailed plans for its planned “Inclusion Dashboards”, the DfE is navigating towards an Inclusion Illusion Dr Rob Webster July 12, 2022
I don’t mean to show off, but my car has a very fancy dashboard. As well as the standard features – speedometer, odometer, petrol gauge – it can, with a…
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How will the new ‘Universal SEND Services’ programme help for learners with SEND? Tania Tirraoro July 8, 2022
with Amanda Wright, Deputy Head of Whole School SEND Earlier this year, The Department for Education announced a funding service to improve SEND training in school and further education workforce,…
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Legal action launched against #SENDReview Consultation, over “misleading” disability discrimination Tribunal question Tania Tirraoro July 6, 2022
It’s all happening isn’t it? As Nadhim Zahawi scarpers to No11 (don’t let the door to Sanctuary Buildings hit you on the way out, love), the new (probably temporary) appointee,…
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Are new SEND financial accountability measures compatible with lawful SEND provision? Matt Keer July 5, 2022
Accountability. Ask most SEND parents, and that’s what they’ll tell you is missing from the current system. Most of the questions that parents put to Minister Will Quince at last week’s…
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WEBINAR RECORDING: Will Quince MP answers YOUR questions on the #SENDReview Green Paper Tania Tirraoro June 29, 2022
If you missed, or indeed want to rewatch, our joint webinar with Children and Families Minister Will Quince on the SEND Review Green Paper we've now uploaded it. We'll also…
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SNJ in Conversation podcast: Will Quince in our hot seat discussing the #SENDReview Green Paper Tania Tirraoro June 24, 2022
Yesterday, Renata and I sat down virtually with Will Quince MP, Minister for Children and Families for an episode of our video/podcast, SNJ in Conversation. As you know there is…
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#SENDReview Green Paper second WEBINAR: Ask the Minister, Will Quince. Registration open! Tania Tirraoro June 23, 2022
Many of you will have attended or watched our first webinar with Children and Families Minister, Will Quince MP in March, produced jointly with NNPCF, Family Fund and Contact. Since…
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SEND Stats 2022: How has the pandemic affected the numbers of pupils with SEND? Matt Keer June 17, 2022
It’s the middle of June, and that means the Department for Education (DfE) has just published its annual set of statistics on special educational needs in England.  You can find…
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The legal implications of the #SENDReview: WEBINAR RECORDING Tania Tirraoro June 16, 2022
If you didn't manage to get to our webinar about the legal implications of the SEND Review Green Paper, fear not! We've uploaded the recording to our YouTube channel and…
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And yet another SEND consultation, this time: EHCP Annual review timescales Tania Tirraoro June 16, 2022
Consultations are, it seems, like buses. You wait two years for one, then three come along at once. Or, in the case of this new consultation about EHCP annual reviews,…
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Ofsted and the CQC reveal plans for new Area SEND Inspections  Tania Tirraoro June 14, 2022
**Watch a webinar on the consultation from Ofsted** Every local authority and health body in England has now had its SEND provision inspected by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission. A…
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WEBINAR: #SENDReview Legal Roundtable. What are the legal implications of SEND Green Paper? Tania Tirraoro June 10, 2022
We've been debating all the merits and otherwise of the SEND Review Green Paper for some time now. But what are the legal implications? We know that some of the…
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The #SENDReview must embed Speech, Language and Communication skills across education, especially teacher training Special Needs Jungle June 1, 2022
with Amy Loxley, Lead Speech and Language Advisor for I CAN, One of the major criticisms of the SEND Review is its silence about the revolution in SEND teacher training…
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What’s in the Children’s social care review for disabled children? Tania Tirraoro May 24, 2022
Children who are looked after by the state (CLA) are undeniably among the most vulnerable in the country, and those who are both looked after and have SEND (a large…
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What the evidence says about the 13 crucial areas for quality in Alternative Provision Special Needs Jungle May 10, 2022
with Dennis Simms, IntegratED Hub Lead The SEND Review Green Paper places great emphasis on including alternative provision within a "single system" with mainstream and special schools. The DfE want…
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How can the #SENDReview implement new changes while avoiding the same mistakes of the last reforms? Matt Keer May 5, 2022
Let’s kick off with some Green Paper quotes: “Disabled children and children with SEN tell us that they can feel frustrated by a lack of the right help at school…
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#SENDReview: A vision for Alternative Provision, but where’s the evidence? Special Needs Jungle May 4, 2022
by Susie Lenihan, Renata Blower & Tania Tirraoro Chapter 4 of the SEND Review Green paper is focused on reforming the way alternative provision is used and integrating it within…
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#SENDReview: Downgrading SENCO training is a mistake but protected time must be mandatory Tania Tirraoro April 26, 2022
with Tristan Middleton, University of Gloucestershire & chair, LLSCIC. Under the SEND Code of Practice, SENCOs must be gain a Masters-level NASENCO award within three years of taking the role.…
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#SENDReview: What is excellent SEND provision from early years to adulthood? Tania Tirraoro April 22, 2022
So what’s in chapter 3? From the title, you can assume it’s about provision – specifically SEND provision one would imagine. I’ve broken them down into sections, including specifically for each…
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Déjà vu: How will the #SENDReview end the over-promising and under-delivering cycle of support for disabled children? Susan Lenihan April 20, 2022
As you have seen, SNJ are unpicking the detail and supporting parents to have a voice throughout the SEND Review Green Paper consultation. Much is laudable in the SEND review,…
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#SENDReview: Why mandatory mediation in SEND appeals isn’t wanted–or needed Special Needs Jungle April 14, 2022
with Margaret Doyle, author, accredited SEND mediator One of the proposals in the SEND Review Green Paper is for compulsory mediation before parents can register an appeal at the SEND…
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#SENDReview Chapter 2 under the microscope: National standards, EHCP changes, and limiting choice Catriona Moore April 12, 2022
As we continue our analysis of the SEND Green Paper, today we're looking at Chapter two, which includes consultation questions 1-7. Remember, a Green Paper is a discussion document; these…
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What does the #SENDReview Green Paper say about funding the future of SEND? Matt Keer April 8, 2022
This post includes an explanation of how SEND funding works in the simplest way possible, before looking at funding in Chapter 5 of the Green Paper. If you're an expert…
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Post 16: What’s in the #SENDReview Green paper for 16-25-year-old disabled young people?16-25-year-old Ruth Perry, Senior Policy Manager, Natspec April 6, 2022
About SNJ’s SEND review coverage: SNJ is bringing you lots of information and analysis about the SEND Green Paper. We are also interested to hear the responses of other organisations…
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#SENDReview Chapter 5 (part 1): The missing accountability questionaccountability question Matt Keer April 4, 2022
In this article, we'll be looking at the first part of Chapter 5, dealing with Consultation Questions No. 17 & also the catch-all No. 22 The SEND Green Paper is…
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#SENDReview: Defining Alternative Provision and… how about an apology? Tania Tirraoro April 1, 2022
As we all know by now, the SEND Review was published on Tuesday 29th March 2022. The consultation runs for 13 weeks and 4 days, closing on July 1stThere is a dedicated…
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Publication day: Your first look at what’s in the SEND Review Green Paper. Matt Keer March 29, 2022
Updates Summary of the SEND review: right support, right place, right time Dedicated SEND Review website Open consultation SEND review: right support, right place, right time So finally, after more…
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Schools White Paper: what are the implications for SEND? Tania Tirraoro March 28, 2022
The Government’s Schools White Paper (herein SWP for short) has just been published, the day before the long-awaited SEND Green Paper will finally arrive.  It’s been emphasised that the two must…
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“Impowering” the future of SEND where parents and SENCOs just need to be less “demanding”title image Matt Keer March 15, 2022
As the SEND Review Green Paper edges closer - maybe within a week - we decided to look into something that lots of parents have been talking about, not least…
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LAs: SEND failings are everyone’s fault but ours and it’s too easy to get an EHCPcover of report and article title Tania Tirraoro March 11, 2022
with comment from Matt Keer and Ali Fiddy Reports about SEND come and go. Some barely make a mark, some confirm what families already know. But today, the Local Government Association…
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We don’t need ”fundamental SEND reform”. Just sharpen the teeth of the legal system we already have.Boy with head on a bookcase and title image Catriona Moore March 10, 2022
Getting the Children’s Minister’s attention at a webinar this week attended by 200 parents of children with SEND was an excellent opportunity to give him an unmediated insight into our…
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PRE-SEND REVIEW Webinar with Will Quince MPpost title Renata Blower March 7, 2022
Yesterday Special Needs Jungle facilitated a webinar with the SEND Minister, Will Quince MP, ahead of the publication of the SEND Review. We joined with the NNPCF, Contact, and Family…
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Brian Lamb: Will the SEND Review Green Paper deliver lasting improvements for disabled children and families?image of Brian Lamb and title Prof. Brian Lamb OBE March 1, 2022
SNJ note: Prof. Brian Lamb OBE's Lamb Inquiry in 2009 sparked the last SEND Reforms Green Paper. We're delighted he's here on SNJ to give his thoughts on what's gone…
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£93 million more in SEND funding for respite, supported internships and making LAs do what they’re supposed tothe earth and sun from space Tania Tirraoro February 2, 2022
We seem to have a tale of two governments at the moment or perhaps we are flipping between parallel universes. In one, the government is in a chaotic, cannibalistic mess…
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Launching the SNJ Intersectionality Panel focusing on disability, race, and cultural discrimination in SEND Special Needs Jungle January 28, 2022
With Marguerite Haye and Mala Thapar, Leads for the SNJ Intersectionality Panel *If this is not an issue that affects you personally, please still share this post on social media…
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SEND Review: Fait accompli or a real chance for parents and practitioners to shape policy? Special Needs Jungle January 17, 2022
with Christopher Robertson, independent academic and author, policy analyst and adviser The SEND Review is promised before Easter with a full consultation. But does this mean that everything in the…
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Disability, the Equality Act and the SEND ReviewDisability, the Equality Act and the SEND Review Richard Rieser January 11, 2022
Disability campaigner Richard Rieser of World of Inclusion discusses the vital importance for the SEND Review to frame itself around disability in the Equality Act On the face of it, the…
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Why the SEND Review MUST extend EHCPs to disabled students in higher educationdisabled students EHCPs Tania Tirraoro January 6, 2022
We’ve been calling for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) to cover all young disabled people in education up to the age of 25 since before the 2014 reforms. So…
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Councils wasted £253 million fighting parents at the SEND Tribunal since 2014 reformstitle image Matt Keer December 10, 2021
Somehow, it’s already early December. That means it’s time for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service to release their set of annual figures about the work of the Special Educational…
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How will the SEND Review create sustainable support that’s also value for money?image of Chris Rossiter with title Chris Rossiter November 19, 2021
SNJ intro: Do you remember the SEND Futures Feasibility study? It was supposed to work out value for money for SEND but not a lot has come out of it…
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The Let us Learn Too petition is misleading, DfE? Really?title image of families Special Needs Jungle October 18, 2021
The Department for Education has claimed that the Let Us Learn Too petition SNJ and SCA are involved with and support is "misleading" The campaign has been driven by SCA…
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Mr Zahawi: Publish the SEND Review—but make sure it solves the RIGHT problemTitle of post plus image of Nadhim Zahawi Catriona Moore September 17, 2021
A government reshuffle: it’s as good as anything else for a temporary distraction. There’s always the hope it might result in a minister who really knows and cares about the…
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Dear Boris, you must act now to help disabled children #LetUsLearnTooDear Boris, you must act now to help disabled children #LetUsLearnToo Tania Tirraoro September 8, 2021
On Monday, we ran an article coinciding with the launch of the #LetUsLearnToo video. The campaign is urging the SEND Review not to erode disabled children's rights as the Department…
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Dame Christine: I’d like to set the record straightDame Christine Lenehan, a shot of the tween and the post title Special Needs Jungle July 21, 2021
With Dame Christine Lenehan, Council for Disabled Children Now and again, someone says or writes something that's so surprising, that's the very opposite of what you'd expect them to say,…
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Public Accounts Committee Inquiry report adds pressure to #fixSEND. SEND Review MUST NOT delay furtherimage title over clips of quotes from report Matt Keer May 6, 2020
It seems like a lifetime ago, but for most of last year, you couldn’t move for official inquiries into the state of SEND in England.  Parliament’s Education Select Committee started…
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SEND Review: A game-changer or playing politics with vulnerable children?SEND Review: A game-changer or playing politics with vulnerable children? Catriona Moore September 9, 2019
While the biggest political and constitutional crisis that anyone can remember rages all around us, ministers resign, MPs are purged and no-one is quite sure who will be in Government…
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