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We're helping you answer the consultation questions for the SEND Review Green paper. You can use these prompts to answer them on the Government website, or use our question-by-question forms. Number 11 is below, the rest are accessed from here.

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Questions 11, as stated on the Government website:

To help you answer this question, you can read this part of Tania's post here. However, we have also included tips from her post below. When you answer, you may have thoughts about things that are missing about MATs. you can just add those thoughts here, or in the catch-all Question 22.

Consultation Question 11:

11: To what extent do you agree or disagree that both specialist and mixed Multi Academy Trusts should co-exist in the fully trust-led future? This would allow current local authority maintained special schools and alternative provision settings to join either type of MAT. 

Consider the following points:

  • Is ensuring that most tusts are mixed - ie, have mainstream, special, and alternative provision schools a good idea?
    • Would in improve inclusion or make it more likely that "troublesome" kids are shunted out to alternative provision without any assessment of their needs?
    • Do you think it should be mandatory that children at risk of exclusion or a move to AP should have an EHC needs assessment to understand why they are having difficulties? Why/why not?
    • What kinds of specialist provision are missing close to where you live?
    • How realistic is it for every disabled child to be able to attend local provision?
    • How could local mainstream schools be welcoming places for all disabled children?
    • How could your local mainstream school be made to be more accessible, using funding from the Government's £2.6 billion in capital funding?
    • What does the Government need to do to attract enough high quality teaching staff for new mainstream and specialist places?
    • Could your local area benefit from “a new local special free school”? What kind of children would it ideally serve?
    • How can enough local places be found for children with "low-incidence" needs such as deaf children?
    • Why is it that some independent specialist schools have outstanding results that similar state specialist provision can't match?

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