#SENDReview Green Paper second WEBINAR: Ask the Minister, Will Quince. Registration open!

Many of you will have attended or watched our first webinar with Children and Families Minister, Will Quince MP in March, produced jointly with NNPCF, Family Fund and Contact.

Since then, the SEND & Alternative Provision Green Paper and consultation have been published, as well as the recent Annual Review Consultation and the Ofsted Consultation for the new Area SEND Inspections Framework.

Today, you have a chance to register to put your questions about the content of the SEND Green Paper directly to Mr Quince in a second joint WEBINAR.

This webinar, via Zoom, has the maximum 500 places available, so if you want to ask a question, you MUST include it in the relevant space in the registration form for a chance of it being included.

A recording will be available as soon as possible afterwards, so please ONLY register for the live webinar if you can attend. If you can't attend but still want to ask question, you can do so in the form at the end of this post.

Register for Ask The Minister!

This is your opportunity to put your question (ahead of time) to the SEND Minister, Will Quince, about the proposals in the SEND Review Green Paper. Facilitated by Special Needs Jungle, and in collaboration with NNPCF, Contact, and Family Fund. 

Join SEND Minister, Will Quince MP, to discuss the SEND Review Green Paper proposals.

June 28th, 10am online on Zoom

**The webinar will be recorded and available to watch later, so please only register if you can attend the live session.**

SHORTLINK: https://bit.ly/SRQuince

We have pre-submitted a series of probing questions already, as you would expect, but if you want a chance of your question being included you MUST add it in the space in the registration form.

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Webinar Format

As before, the webinar will be led by SNJ's Tania Tirraoro and NNPCF's Tina Emery. We'll give you a short overview of the Green Paper, then it will be straight into our questions to Will Quince and any pre-submitted questions that we haven't already asked. Please ensure they are concise and relevant to the SEND Review Green Paper. Please note: we simply won't have time to interpret or distil long, complicated questions, so please keep them to a single sentence as much as possible or they won't be selected.

Our team will select the questions to be included based on the above, on the most popular themes of questions received, whether a question is something that is particularly important, and of course, on whether it is similar to one of our pre-prepared questions (which means your question will be answered anyway).

If you can't attend but want to ask a question you can watch in the recording, read on..

Ask your question here ONLY if you CAN'T attend


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