SNJ in Conversation with Carrie Grant: Supporting children at the intersection of SEND, Race and Gender Identity

with Carrie Grant and Renata Blower

Carrie Grant is a well-known figure for her work on TV and as a vocal coach, along with her husband of 38 years, singer, David Grant. However, for parents of children with SEND, us included, Carrie is also admired for her advocacy work as the mother of young autistic people. She also, like me, has a late autism diagnosis. Opening up her life and family’s experience is not something Carrie has to do, but she does it to raise awareness of the often horrific, drawn-out battles for support her and similar families are forced to navigate.

In the last couple of yeras, Carrie’s family has mirrored my own even more, with several of her children coming out as non-binary and transgender. With the toxicity of discourse as it currently is, we can see the harm that is caused to young (and not-so-young), often autistic, transgender people who are just trying to find their place in the world. As Carrie and David’s children are also mixed race, there is an added intersection that has the potential for further trauma and discrimination.

Cover of A very modern family
A VERY MODERN FAMILY by Carrie and David Grant

A very Modern Family

Carrie and her family have collaborated on a new book — A Very Modern Family, Stories and Guidance to Nurture your relationships — that has just been published by Piatkus. I’ll be starting the audiobook version I pre-ordered this morning! To celebrate the publication, Carrie, an SNJ fan, has donated two copies of this wonderful book for us to give away to you (please note this giveaway is now closed). We hope you enjoy this podcast, whether in video or audio version. If you just have time for a short clip for now, you can find several under a minute clips here

While keyboard warriors spout venom and politicians push their “anti-woke” agendas, our agenda, as Carrie says in our new episode of SNJ in Conversation, is simply to keep our children alive. If the subject is something you disagree with, please remember before commenting that these are real human beings with real feelings who have likely already experienced significant abuse. Please don’t add to it.

You can buy the book here (affiliate link) and don’t forget to try the giveaway too!

In conversation with Carrie Grant where autism, race and gender meet

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