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Join our exciting new SNJ In Conversation series, available in video and audio-only versions. Renata, Tania and the team have in-depth conversations with a variety of guests from the field of SEN and disability.

Whether they're sector leaders, legal eagles, extraordinary parents or young people with disabilities, we give them a good grilling, er pleasant chat, about the things you want to know.

We ask for your input too, so watch out on social media, especially our SNJ, Let's Talk about SEND discussion group (NB: this group isn't a support group and has professionals and parents alike)

If you would like to recommend someone - or even yourself, if you have an expertise or something you want to spend 30 minutes sharing with us, get in touch

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SNJ In Conversation with Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children - Special Needs Jungle, In Conversation

Tania and Renata from SNJ chat with Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children about children's social care, what the pandemic has revealed, and what needs to change.  You can find the original post for this episode here on Special Needs Jungle  The CDC describes itself as, "the umbrella body for the disabled children's sector bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy-makers." In other words, it's the lynchpin of the SEND sector and is, in turn, part of the National Children's Bureau.  Special Needs Jungle is also a member of the CDC. Christine has been involved with supporting disabled children for 40 years, including authoring a number of Government reviews. So, if there is someone who knows everything there is to know about the history of SEND, it is Christine. Renata and I caught up with her via Zoom, for a wide-ranging discussion covering children's social care, the SEND reforms, what's gone wrong and what the CDC is doing to try to fix things.
  1. SNJ In Conversation with Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children
  2. How can disabled children's education still be protected during Coronavirus?

  3. SNJ In Conversation: Awesome and Autistic in a post-pandemic world
  4. Coronavirus and children's 
mental health, 
issues explored & 
top tips to help
    • SNJ In Conversation with Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children

      One of the (numerous) problems many parents find when their child is having an education, health and care needs assessment, is the "care" bit. A social care assessment is often not offered, and if parents request one, the response from the social care department is "not known to social services" case closed. Then there's always the intimated threat that you wouldn't "want" your child to be known to them, would you? But a social care assessment as part of an EHCP isn't the same as a family being involved with social services or the child having a social worker. It's…
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      • SNJ In Conversation: What legal rights do disabled children
have left under the Coronavirus Act?

        In Conversation with Steve Broach, public law barrister We wouldn't normally churn out another episode of In Conversation so quickly, as it's quite a big undertaking to produce. But with the month-long renewal of the Government's Notice, trashing children's legal rights under the Coronavirus Act, we thought you should know what's left in force. The "Modifications" Notice was renewed late on Friday afternoon, almost as if they'd forgotten and just caught sight on Twitter of SEND legal people wondering what was happening. Oops! Almost forgot to stick it to those disabled kids before the weekend! Then, on Saturday, the SEND…
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        • SNJ In Conversation: Awesome and Autistic in a post-pandemic world GIVEAWAY

          with Renata Blower and Siena Castellon Today we're bringing you another episode of SNJ In Conversation and again you can listen or watch to it below or find it on your favourite Podcast channel here (find your preferred podcast player icon below the image, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify among others). You can also click through to YouTube. Today we're talking tips for being awesome and autistic - and it's a fascinating listen when you consider that our guest, Siena Castellon, is still only 17 years old. She has some incredible tips that not only teenage autistic girls…
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          • Launching “SNJ In Conversation” First episode: Coronavirus and Disabled children’s mental health

            Today we're launching a new feature: SNJ "In Conversation". It will feature both videos and podcasts where one or more of the SNJ team interviews someone about an interesting or current issue in the SEND sphere. In time, this will be offered to our SNJ patrons as full interviews, with shortened versions available for free. However, because of the current situation with Coronavirus, we're launching it now for free for everyone. Our first few interviews are staying close to home, with our own experts. Next week, we'll be speaking to our columnist, the teenage autistic author and neurodiversity advocate, Siena…
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