SNJ Training

statement-ehcpSpecial Needs Jungle has its own in-person training presentations covering:

  • Applying for an EHCP
  • Working with Parents for professionals
  • Other topics - please enquire

Our presentations can encompass the SEND reforms including information about the Children & Families Act, the new guidance on Supporting Children With Medical Conditions at school and the Code of Practice.


Our director, Tania Tirraoro specialises in training professionals about working with parents - the right way - and in training parents how to make the best application for an EHCP. She is available for training sessions, workshops, conferences, panel discussions and seminars.

Renata Blower's speciality is health, specifically undiagnosed children and medical professionals working with parents of children with medical conditions.

Our rates are reasonable but include travel, so as we are all based in the South East of England, please do bear that in mind.

If you're interested in finding out more about this, including costs, as well as our other training, get in touch using the form below:

  • Lisa Dew

    Hi I had a ehc pathfinder plan. Had been told that my statutory rights were protected. Of course they are not. Took 2mths for them to agree a conversion. First contacted council in April 2013 my son is high functioning has had a break down is on anti depressants he’s 9. Has been at school for a year. Whole EHC is a joke. Council has free reign. Even contacted dept. Of education. No help. New plan underway. No “smart” outcomes. In fact ed. Phys. And autism ADV lady both said he didn’t need speech and language therapy!!!!! Unbelievable! Why is no one accountable!