SNJ’s Christmas SEND wish-list for Santa and a few thanks too…

SNJ's Christmas wish-list for Santa and a few thanks...

Dear Santa

Please bring us some very special gifts this year. We'd like every child with SEN or disabilities to be educated in a suitable, caring, environment with the support they need to thrive. We'd like families of disabled children to be treated with dignity and compassion. We'd like local authorities to obey the law and in a timely fashion, so children get well-written, meaningful plans...

It's an ambitious wish-list and I'm not sure Santa has the ability to deliver, but I just thought I'd ask, anyway... Do add your family's SEND wish-list in the comments and also, as I am about to, feel free to write your thanks to someone you know who has made a difference to you this year.

Our SNJ thanks

This is our last post of the year, although we'll be sharing on social media some of our favourite posts from 2016 over the Christmas holiday.

Thanks for all your support this year. Thanks to my co-director, Renata Blower for being there to listen and guide and for being a wonderful friend. Thanks to another friend, Angela Kelly, our Mental Health Editor, for her continual support with social media posting and her brilliant posts that have helped so many people.

Thanks to our fabulous columnists (in no particular order), Helen & Liz who write as SpeechBlog UK, Hayley Goleniowska, Marguerite Haye who has also been out and about with me at events this year. Marguerite also answers our EHCP Clinic questions along with Helen Gifford, Barney AnglissBren Prendergast, Mr Boo's Mum, Matt Kerr, who has also spent much time distilling our Code of Conduct campaign responses (more on this in 2017), Zoe Thompson of Bright Futures School for her fascinating series with Guiding (more to come in 2017 too), Malcolm Reeve, Beth McCleverty of Genetic Alliance UK, Robert Pleticha of RareConnect, to Nicky Goode, our book reviewer and to  Charlie Mead (currently missing, last seen on the golf course).

Thanks also to our volunteers, Susan Mason who helps with our SEND Research feature and Sarah Smillie, who is working on advertising leads (if you are a company or school in the SEND arena and want to advertise, or if you would like to offer sponsorship, get in touch. )

Thanks also to Julie Moktadir at IPSEA, for our Ask IPSEA feature and to those who have contributed guest posts during the year that have helped make the site so diverse in what we can cover. A final thanks to Debs Aspland for her three+ years of work and help with SNJ.

Help us continue in 2017

EVERYONE who writes for, or helps us, at SNJ does so voluntarily. Until recently, all of the web hosting and related costs have been paid for out of my own pocket, or rather, our family income, which is unsustainable. Thank you to those kind people who have donated to us over the year; you have helped keep the site live. Hosting costs are yearly and are increasing because of our ever-growing popularity. If our information has been interesting or helpful to you and you can make a donation to our running costs, however small, we would be very grateful. You will help ensure we can keep the site live in 2017 to help thousands of families who rely on us.  🙂

If you have grant application experience and time to volunteer and help us, do please email me.

And Finally

Our thanks go most of all to you all for reading, commenting, sharing and coming back to do it all again, post after post. Without your support, our information and features would not find half as many parents and practitioners as they do. THANK YOU!

Have an amazingly blessed, peaceful and happy Christmas and I hope 2017 brings all of us joy, laughter and GREAT OUTCOMES for our children!

Merry Christmas from SNJ


Tania Tirraoro


  1. Charlie Buckby

    Santa, I would like my Local Authority to understand what inclusion means and how to promote it so that a disabled child can function as a part of the community they live in. If this means Santa that you have to take a little longer to deliver this present we will understand, we have learnt how to wait having had much experience of having to do so. If you could help our LA to learn how to communicate then that would be a star present too. Finally Santa if you coukd find the missing ten million that our borough council lost in a loan to their pals at the football club then you could use this money to provide the presents on this list perhaps?
    I know you aren’t a miracle worker but my final request would be that the SEN officers are given the gifts of honesty and integrity this Christmas to share with all the children and parents they work with next year. That will save so many SEND tribunals being held and will hopefully be the impetus that some dodgy lawyers need to move them on from the SEND world as they aren’t all going to openly tweet about their shortcomings so we can’t rely on that.

    Thank you Santa you’re one really kind soul x

      1. Charlie Buckby

        Thank you Tania though I have no doubt you are far more able than I to identify what needs to change for families like ours. Thank you so much for all you do you are most definitely an inspirational lady. Wishing you and your family a fabulous Christmas x

          1. Charlie Buckby

            Would be nice Tania but I’m still booking tickets for my next tribunal in the new year. It’ll be number five and my son is only ten!! Will happily miss the show if wishes do come true!!!!

  2. I love your wish list. Funnily enough, that’s all on mine too. Do you think if enough people wish for it, it will happen?! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into SNJ – you help so many people Tania, and all the columnists are ace too 😀 Hope you have a very merry Christmas and will feel refreshed and ready for a successful 2017! x

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