SNJ’s #Blogchat with Hayley from DownsSideUp!

Ain't technology grand? Just before Christmas Hayley from DownsSideUp and, as you know, a Special Needs Jungle columnist, "got together" over Skype for a chat about SEN, parenting and why we blog.

Scroll down for the video!

I wanted to know some things about Hayley that I didn't know already so I invited her to join me over a cup of tea for a chat.

Technology IS grand if you know how to use it, and we had a bit of an issue with Hayley's voice being a tad echoey but I've done my best to lessen it and I think you soon forget about that and get involved in what she's saying.

For the uninitiated, Hayley is on the left and I (Tania) am on the right. It's quite long so although the sight of us is obviously thrilling, if you're busy, you can just turn up the volume and listen while you're doing what you need to do.

I started off by asking Hayley why she felt blogging was important to her...

Tania Tirraoro

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