SNJ’s year in review: What you read most in 2014

Where has the time gone?  It doesn't seem a year ago since we were welcoming 2014 and wondering what the SEN reforms would bring us in 2014.  One year later, the Children and Families Bill is now an Act, it is now the law being used and we sit here wondering how these changes will continue to develop as Local Authorities and families try to change their previous practice and work together productively for the benefit of our children.

We're sure that 2014 saw many changes for all of our readers, maybe a diagnosis arrived, maybe a change in school, maybe a reduction of direct payments, maybe a change in Personal Assistant, maybe a change to an Education Health and Care Plan, maybe a change in your child's behaviour or maybe you were one of the lucky people who actually got to see CAMHS instead of sitting on a wait list.

Whatever the changes, we really hope that we at Special Needs Jungle helped you along the way.  Whether it was with our extensive coverage of the SEN reforms, the top tips from our various contributors or the numerous links we share daily via Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

SNJ 2014As 2014 draws to a close, we thought we would share with you our top ten posts from the past twelve months.  Maybe you missed them, but the viewing figures show us that many people found them of interest and use.

Our Top Ten


Assess Plan Do Review:

How to involve parents in the new SEN Graduated Response. Read it here.

9 School Refusal - won't go or can't go?

Angela's post about her experience of school refusing. Read it here

8SEND Flowchart 2 - Requesting an Education, Health and Care Assessment.

A visual explanation of the new SEND system for when you need to apply for a new EHCP. Read it here

Top10-7The Pathway to SEN Help from September 2014.

How the path to applying for an EHCP is developing inside five of the ‘pathfinder’ or trial local authorities  Read it here

Top10-6All our new SEND Flow Charts together

A round up of all our SEND Flow Charts.  Read it here

Top10-5Using One Page Profiles for your special needs child

Helen Sanderson shares her top tips on using a One Page Profile for your child  Read it here 

SEND Code of Practice approved - introducing our co-produced SEND reform infographicTop10-4

The SEND Code of Practice gets approval from Parliament.  We co-produced an infographic with the Department for Education to help parents understand the changes.  Read it here 

Top10-3SEND Code of Practice: Our guest post from Jane McConnell,  STOP! Red light means Danger.

Jane highlights the the problems with the (then draft) Code of Practice. We like to think this actually made a difference. Read it here

Top10-2Did you really just say that?  The ignorant words SEND parents hear far too often.

We asked parents what was the most ignorant thing they had been told or heard about their child.  The results were astounding.  Read it here 

Our number one post:

Top10-1The new SEND system as a flow chart.  Part 1:  SEN Support. This post was the first of our four SEND flow charts that we co-produced with the Department for Education. Of course there are many more children on SEN Support (or School Action/School Action Plus) than there are with statements or EHCPs.

See the flow chart post here

This has been such a busy year in the Special Needs Jungle and thanks for staying with us.  We're sure 2015 will be just as busy, so don't forget to sign up to receive our posts directly into your inbox and stay informed.

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  1. Charlotte L

    Thank you everyone at Special Needs Jungle for all the articles and blogs during 2014. The website has provided me with a source of invaluable information and a feeling of support which I desperately needed and continue to need as a parent. Much appreciated.

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