Special Needs Jungle a WINNER in BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards!

So normally, I have posts about great resources but this post is about me, me, me!

Last night, in London at the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2012, Special Needs Jungle won the BiB awards in the 'Change' category. The judges said:

“The contents are well focused and relevant. I see this blog being actually a useful communication tool for parents who face such difficult circumstances.”

I'm the blonde in black!

I really wasn't expecting to win as some of the other finalists looked pretty slick, so I hadn't thought of anything to say when SNJ was called out.

But suddenly as I was on the stage, I knew what I wanted to say - I asked the hundreds of mum bloggers there last night to try to do something to help all those children who aren't lucky enough to have dedicated parents like them - namely Looked After Children, or as I've been finding out, not-very-well-looked-after-children.

If we all just do one thing, even if it's just writing a blog post about it, or re-blogging something you've seen from this blog (there's a post coming up on Monday from child psychologist, Charlie Mead that you are welcome to use portions of, or even the whole thing, on your own blogs), then that will be hundreds of one things.

If you're a bit more ambitious and have more time, you can find out about the situation in your own area and write about that. Bloggers, together, have power and while it's lovely to write about those things that interest us, whether it's crafts, music or our own kids, sometimes it's good to have a call to action to benefit others.

If you're interested in helping me, whether you're a blogger or a reader, get in touch at info@specialneedsjungle.com. I'm sure between us we can come up with something!

It was a great evening and if being a winner can highlight special needs a bit, then even better.

There. It wasn't all about me, after all.

Tania Tirraoro


  1. Well done! I was there too (Dad blogger nominee for Life with an Autistic Son) and thought your speech was great. Had hoped to tell you this in person but you know how these things are. Anyway, a very well deserved award, I’d say.

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