Special Needs Jungle has a new LinkedIn group!

LIgroupWe have exciting news!

Special Needs Jungle now has a brand new group on LinkedIn. While there are a couple of other SEN groups there, the Special Needs Jungle group is aimed at anyone on LinkedIn involved with 0-25yrs special needs and disability issues in the UK.

This includes health, education, mental health, social care, childhood illness/rare disease & its implications among other issues. And you are welcome whether you are a practitioner , parent/carer or another individual or professional with an involvement in these areas.

We aim to offer a chance to learn from each other by sharing knowledge, experiences, news, best practice and views you may not have previously considered!

There is so much knowledge available from many different sources and we'd like to offer a place for you to contribute your ideas, views, resources and knowledge.

With so many changes on the way in the wider area of special needs, it makes sense for knowledge to be disseminated and shared as widely as possible.

The group is managed by myself and Debs, so you're sure to have a warm welcome. We'll be on the look out for great contributions for the SNJ site as well, so don't be shy in your suggestions!

Join, share, contribute, make yourselves at home!

If you are a LinkedIn user, you can ask to join here

Tania Tirraoro

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  1. Hi,

    I hope you will forgive me for this slightly off topic comment but I have created a bookmarking site for parents of disabled children. You can add your own links you like that are newsworthy to other parents. The site will also automatically bookmark news stories and new blog posts from relevant bloggers.

    If you want your blog to the auto bookmarking, please me let me know. I just need your RSS feed. For wordpress sites it is [your domain name name]/feed.

    There is also a twitter account that will auto tweet all the posts and news that is bookmarked. Please follow @forspecialneeds if you are interested.

    Many thanks

    (Dad to a child with Dravet Syndrome)

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