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  1. Liz Day

    Lots of good and useful information on this site and picked up via social media. I am looking for support in petitioning government / department of health regarding services or should I say absence of services and inadequate services within CAMH. I am aware there was an inquiry earlier this year, is it known what the findings were and future aims with time lines and any outcomes so far? Many thanks Liz

  2. Lazaridis

    Could somebody please help. My son is extremely vulnerable. He has no
    verbal communication, very complex, severely autistic, highly sensory, has a
    complete global disposition of the world around him, is epileptic and totally
    reliant on the people who look after him. He is currently in a 52 week
    residential but sadly it has not worked out for him. There has been a recent
    alleged assault and in the past 2 years we have had to raise some serious issues with this Residential. At the school previous to this he was also assaulted,which ended up in Crown Court.

    Does anybody know of a 52 week Residential School in the UK that is safe, and could meet our son’s needs as above.

    We really must get the next place right, with trained and skilled people,
    to ensure our son is not at risk again.

    He is 15 years of age and will be 16 this December 2015.

      1. Lazaridis

        Thank you for your response Tania. Really appreciated. However, I don’t think you quite understood. I’m not looking for what you are suggesting. We did this years ago.
        We are looking for a new Residential School that can meet the needs I’ve listed.
        Kind Regards

        1. Hi, no I do understand. I was suggesting those sources as they are in a good position to be aware of the kind of schools you’re looking for as they have more experience in this area and could give you some names.
          You could also try the NAS as they have their own schools, as do Cambian and other providers. Online there is also a good special schools guide I think- though this is from memory as I can’t check right now.
          Facebook groups for send are also good sources of info

  3. gwen

    Hi my granddaughter Carley is registered blind and statemented special needs, we have had a 3 year battle to get her an ehcp which LA has refused to do she has been offered a place at specialist blind college and is not acceptable for mainstream, we now have 1st Tier tribunal date and have been told there is no legal aid for court appearances, without representation she will probably lose at tribunal so we have started a crowdfund page https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/carleyy666 I am hoping by posting this that other parents would repost to family and friends

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