The SEN Green Paper

I've been wading my way through the Green Paper on SEN and one thing really sticks out - what happens to those children who, like mine, already have a statement? Parents, like me, fought hard to get them the provision they need, enshrined in law.My boys are both funded by the LEA - what happens to that?

One mum, Lisa, said to me, "I had to self refer and battle and luckily with the support of a very experienced Ed Psych, get the statement and still battle to keep the stability, so I am worried. I keep ploughing through little by little. IPSEA have said they need finer details I just don't trust any government at the moment because of the cutbacks and recession."

The NAS says,"Parents have told us that they really value the protections that statements provide, which are an essential tool in helping to fight for their child's rights and to hold schools and services to account if they fail to provide adequate support. Many parents we speak to have been battling for years to get their child's needs recognised, understood and met. If the Government is to remove statements then they must ensure that they fulfil their promise to provide the same level of legal protection, otherwise they will be unsuccessful in their commitment to stop vulnerable children falling through the gaps."

Any efforts to join up the different threads of SEN and help parents get the assistance they need for their children is to be welcomed. I did note that although the numbers of SEN at School Action and School Action+ have grown, the number of children with statements has stayed stable - indicating that there is no 'explosion' in the number of children with complex needs. In fact, there are many children who need to be statemented who can't get one no matter how hard they try.

The last thing I want is to have to go through the support process again - been there, done that and proved without doubt that my children need the support they now have. I'll be looking forward to getting more detail as the process continues.

Tania Tirraoro


  1. I am passionate about people having access to the appropriate support for their children with special needs. When the support is in place it should not be threatened as the battle had already been fought. I would want commitment that the support would either stay stable or be improved before I voted for any change. I understand the need for easier access for new referrals and welcome any assistance for parents to receive the appropriate support necessary. I wish there were more blogs like the above to draw attention to the SEN system.

  2. Clare

    If the Government withdraw Statements, then these children will have there needs compromised. They will then be on a lesser playing field than able bodied children. This then contravenes the Law. I threatened the Council with the Disability Discrimination Act – It worked a treat, they then continued funding my son into the 6th Form at an Independent Specialist School so that he could do his A Levels.

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