Volunteers’ Week: Thanks to our volunteer writers and looking for more help!

VOLUNTEERAs it's Volunteers' Week, I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone who has volunteered their time to write for Special Needs Jungle this past year.

Anyone who writes for us does so voluntarily, offering their time and expertise to help us to help you. But as we seek to do more, we need help with advertising, admin, additional web and design skills as well as an occasional post. If you have some of these skills and would like to get involved helping us make resources for parents and carers that help empower them to advocate for their families, please email us or use the form at the bottom.

We're also delighted that MrBoosMum of Premeditations blog is going to be contributing more columns soon.

So thank you to my friends and colleagues in our "Three Witches" partnership, Debs Aspland and Angela Kelly. They are my Co-Directors and SNJ really is a three-way effort.

Thank you to our columnists from the past year, Hayley Goleniowska, Helen Coleman, Elizabeth Gunner, Renata Blower, Malcolm Reeve, Charlie Mead, Review writer, Nicky Goode, Robert Pleticha

Thank you to those who have written guest posts for us this year: Steve Broach, MrBoosMum, Lorraine Senior, Garry Freeman, Kathryn Stinton,@AspieDeLaZouch, Jenny Soppet Smith, Emily Alexander, Kaddy ThomasMillie SlavidouKathryn Rudd OBE, Emma Sterland, Richard LamplughMichelle Bailey, Jon Brown of NSPCC, Marion Strudwick of SOS!SEN, Kate Coghlan of Papworth Trust, Emma Straker of SENDirect, Heathrow Special Assistance, SWAN UKEmma Dalmayne, Stephen Kingdom of the DfE, Dan Lewi of the Cats FoundationLaura Joliffe (BVVL), Sarah Driver, Christina Lydon & our PA, Charlotte Colley

And thanks finally to our legal agony aunt and IPSEA CEO, Jane McConnell, who is feverishly finalising you latest questions but will be handing over the reigns to Elaine Maxwell, IPSEA's Chair as Jane herself has been appointed as a Judge to the SEND Tribunal (wowzer!). She'll hopefully be writing a parting shot for us before she becomes an even greater force hearing cases of disagreement twixt parent and local authority.

If you'd like to join the SNJ team and volunteer your skills - there is no minimum commitment - let us know how you could lend a hand in the form!

Tania Tirraoro

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