My Kid Loves Broccoli

My Kid Loves Broccoli
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A blog charting the journey and adventures of Hannah, who has a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and .whose favourite food is broccoli (hence the title!)…and the experiences and observations of her extraordinarily proud mummy (me).

Possibly long winded at times (don’t say I didn’t warn you!), almost definitely grammatically incorrect (but hey, you can’t have everything, right?) and unreservedly heartfelt and painfully honest.

We’re happy to share some of our life with you. So, come on in (but please wipe your feet – it’s the house rules), make yourself comfy whilst I put the kettle on/grab the biscuits…and join us on our occasionally bumpy journey, with all its twists and turns and without the aid of a sat nav.

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