Personal Budgets and other SEN and Disability stories

SNJ-NEW-LOGO-13Even though schools are closed for Easter, the Department for Education is still hard at work and managed to publish the Regulations for the new Personal Budgets to go along with the new Education, Health and Care Plans on Friday.

Not everyone will qualify for a PB and it will be the local authority who will decide - but even then you don't have to have one.
I have a Personal Budget for my own illness from social care and it is a lot of responsibility but it does mean my care is in my hands which, for me, is great.

How it will work in education terms is still being trialled so these regs will be helpful to those pathfinder (test) councils and families who will be in the best position to say if the regs are good enough.

But even though Easter is here, news doesn't stop and here are a few of our and others' stories from the last week.

Tania Tirraoro

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