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If there’s one thing parents know, it’s the importance of sleep, and how lack of it can impact your energy levels and body the next day. For parents of disabled children, parental lack of sleep can last for years, whether it’s because the child doesn’t sleep, they need care during the night, or because you lie awake with your head going over the latest battle with the local authority or school.

What can make all the difference, even for a night of broken sleep, is a good mattress and the same goes for our children. Many of us put up with lumpy, saggy mattresses for years because, let’s face it, it’s a major purchase and when money is tight, it’s not on the priority list. A comfortable night’s sleep makes a massive difference to their behaviour and learning. And today’s giveaway will make that much more likely for one lucky reader, their child with SEND, or a sibling as we have a fantastic SINGLE-size Simba Hybrid® Original to giveaway.

When Simba, the UK’s first B-Corp sleep brand, got in touch to ask us to test out its Simba Hybrid® Original, we were only too happy to accept– and to cheekily ask for single-sized one to giveaway to a very lucky reader, to which they readily agreed.

Within days, a large box arrived – but surely not big enough for a double mattress? But yes, watch the video to see how it pops into shape.

The recipient of the Simba mattress for us to review was my 26-year-old son, Luca, who is autistic, has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and is in constant pain from a slow-to-heal ACL knee surgery. The pain keeps him awake as often as one (or both) of his two sons, aged one and three. They recently came to live with us, and he has been rolling uncomfortably around on his ancient mattress from his teenage years, that his sister had then used for a few years after he’d left for university.

What’s special about the Simba?

I’d heard about the Simba before – principally the rave reviews, but also I knew it wasn’t exactly a budget option. But as someone with EDS myself, with my electric bed, I know how a comfortable night can enable a productive day rather than one where I’m too tired and in pain to move.  

Here’s what Simba says:

“Simba is the most five-star rated mattress brand in the world. Because our unique Hybrid® mattress technology is designed to feel perfectly comfortable to everyone, no matter their shape or sleeping style.

“It’s a balance between providing ergonomic pressure relief for your body, and correct alignment for your spine; Simba’s signature tech ensures a ‘hugged’, cradled feeling in the upper layers, and perfect spinal support in the base layers, with adjustment for hips and shoulders. The Hybrid® Original features 2,000 of our titanium alloy Aerocoil® springs, the maximum we can fit in a single layer (and a big step up from the Essential). You won’t feel them, but they provide the tailored full body support and soothing pressure relief that’s already helped over half a million happy customers sleep better.”

Hmmm, I thought… we’ll be the judge of that…

Image shows a SIMBA mattress
Simba Hybrid® Original

Testing the Simba Hybrid® Original

After the Simba Hybrid® Original had magically expanded and was ready to test, we all had a try of lying on it (okay, so the younger members didn’t exactly “lie” on it).

Reader as we can all attest, the hype is accurate. Just lying on it as a test felt amazingly comfortable, almost weightless, and crucially, with no pressure points.

After a couple of weeks of sleeping on it, Luca says his sleep is deeper, the pain in his knee on waking is less as it feels cushioned and his whole body feels well-supported. Even the 1.5-year-old said “wow” after lying in it. Although Dad having a super-comfy mattress is even less likely to stop their habit of ending up in his bed by morning…

Simba also has budget-friendly and refurbished mattresses of all sizes as well, plus toppers, pillows, weighted blankets and more.

Trying to get Luca out of bed is now even harder…

The Simba Hybrid® Original, Giveaway

As mentioned above, Simba has generously offered a single-size Hybrid® mattress as a GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is tell us why you would like to win it and include your email. You must live in England or Wales to enter.  The winner will be contacted and asked for their address and the mattress will be sent direct from Simba. A direct link to the form is here

Terms and Conditions (important)

Terms and Conditions
Please Read the Terms & Conditions and our disclosure policy for reviews: TERMS: No correspondence will be entered into except with the winner chosen. If we do not hear back from the winner chosen with their address within seven days, we will retry to contact them and after a further seven days of no reply, we will choose an alternate winner. Entries arriving after the closing date will not be included. The winner must agree to us passing their email, phone and address to Simba for delivery purposes. MAILING LIST: If you selected the box for your email to be included in our mailing list you will be added within a month of entering. For SNJ email alerts, you MUST confirm your agreement by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you will receive before we can send you post alerts, for your security. If you’ve changed your mind you can ignore the email, if you subscribe and change your mind, each email has an unsubscribe link included. PRIVACY: Your emails will NOT be used for any other purpose and, if you did not sign up to a mailing list, your email will not be retained after the end of the giveaway. We do NOT sell or share your email

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