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siena castellon
Siena Castellon

Siena Castellon is an autism and neurodiversity advocate, and despite her young age, has already founded Quantum Leap Mentoring.  As a young autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic student, Siena felt there was not enough information available to support her and others, as most of the resources were aimed at parents. So, aged just 13, she created her own child-friendly website to support and mentor children and young people with learning differences and autism.

Since then, Siena has won numerous awards for her website and advocacy, including most recently winning the BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Awards and being honoured with the British Citizen Youth Award. She was also invited to Kensington Palace to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Listen (or watch) Siena as she talks to us in an episode of our series SNJ in Conversation here.

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