Book Review: Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid*

This is a sponsored post by JKP Publishing. However, the review of Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid is honestly given by SNJ's Marguerite Haye.

Written from the perspective of Callum (Cal), a dyslexic teenager, this is an informative and funny book. The book, by Alais Winton and Zac Milliard, shares with you his day to day experiences of secondary school and family life.

The authors explain the reason why the book contains deliberate spelling mistakes, which were unique and provided an authentic view into the dyslexic world, and makes his character credible. I think its easy-to-read style of writing could be read by some primary school children too.

Good signposting for resources

We know dyslexia is not linked to intelligence. But Cal describes how the school make him think he cannot achieve - a feeling sometimes felt by people with a specific learning difficulty, and that feeling quickly resonated with me. Some parts of the book are witty, where he explains his dyslexic way of thinking. Some parts are quite sad, when he's punished for making mistakes, or not achieving high marks.

I felt a little apprehensive when he started to share how he was bullied. However, I was happy to see that there was signposting to organisations that can help support children who are being bullied.

There were some heartfelt moments between Cal and his parents, and I would like to have read more about his journey when the school decided he needed more support. Who knows, that might the second book in the series of Cal.

Overall, it is written simply and would be an effortless read for most children and a book that should be in most school libraries.

You can buy the book here from Amazon UK

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