SURVEY: Does your child have all their SEND provision back? What’s your family’s experience been this term?

Government guidance for the autumn school and college term 2020 is "everyone in". Only, that's not the reality for many children and young people with SEND. As we've already covered here for those with complex disabilities, schools are confused over guidance, unable to afford the relevant PPE or left without staff who have the right training. So their answer is, to tell those children they have to stay at home.

And it's not just the medically complex. We've been hearing stories that disabled children are being told they can't return full time or only come part-time because they can't social distance, or because their teaching assistant isn't available, or they have a staff shortage. Or the child can't get there because transport isn't available for some reason. Some parents feel they have no option but to home educate.

One thing is for sure - this is only happening to children with SEND.

To be fair, we've heard from some families whose children's schools and colleges have made huge efforts to welcome every child back. So it can be, and is being, done. If you are such a school, please share what you've done in an email to us - we'd love to shout about it to continue our exemplary practice series.

Autumn survey: back to full SEND education?

We've done our own research as well as worked with our SEND Community Alliance colleagues (welcome SOS!SEN !) and asked other disabled children's charities for input into questions. We want to gather as many family experiences as possible - good and otherwise. It'll help us draw up a national picture that we can analyse and submit to the government, as we did with our coronavirus survey.

You can take this survey if you're in any area of the UK. If there is terminology not exactly right to your nation, please choose the most appropriate.

It's already dawning on the Department for Education that what they say in guidance isn't always being carried out on the ground. But neither should parents be expected to thrust DfE guidance at schools to make sure they read the bits about SEND. This is not their job and it is beyond the capacity of most. But what we hope parents can do, is to share what's happening to their children and young people. SNJ and SCA can, and will, take up the gauntlet on your behalf.

So without further ado, please find the survey here, either embedded below, (scroll within the frame) or you may find it easier to click through straight to the survey here. If you have problems, please contact us. And PLEASE SHARE WIDELY with your fellow SEND parents. Thank you 🙂

Complete the survey (scroll then click 'next') or click through above

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