That’s the sound…a SEND parent’s poem. And show us YOUR talent too!

That's the sound - Tania Tirraoro

thats the sound

That's the sound of your body
Hitting the floor as you trip once again
Over nothing
It's also the sound
of my heart pounding my ribs
as I rush to your aid
And soothe your tears

That's the sound of your milk glass
Slipping your grasp, sharp shards poke like icebergs
Through seas of white
It's also the sound
Of shattered dreams of the life
10 that I'd planned for us, ground down into sand

That's the sound of frustration
from being overwhelmed by life's smells or sounds
hurting your head
It’s also the sound
As I'm silently screaming
Though tears will not fall, my smile fixed in place

That's the sound of you sleeping
Bed and bath battles, done for the day
Rosebud lips still
It’s also the sound
Of my heart bursting with pride
You've never surrendered so nor must I

Now it's YOUR TURN!

Do you have photography, artwork or a poem, original song video, animation or something you, as a parent, have created as an outlet or escape, that you're really proud of? We'd like to showcase you in a "Parents Got Talent" SNJ Online Gallery! Copyright remains yours.

Interested? Send your contribution or a link to it, to us here)  Do you knit or design? Model it, photo it and let us see it!

Let's celebrate what we parent carers can do!

Tania Tirraoro

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